Türkiye’den Başarılı Olabilecek bir E-Reader Projesi: #Calibro by @babilcom

Türkiye’den Başarılı Olabilecek bir E-Reader Projesi: Calibro İlk e-reader’ım olan Sony Reader’ı alalı 7 yıl oldu. Sonrasında 3 tane e-reader modeli daha elime geçti. En sonra olarak da denemek üzere gönderilen Calibro cihazıyla tanıştım. Sony Reader’ımdan bahsedeceğim kendime özgü nedenlerden dolayı hala vazgeçmiş değilim ama zaten üretimi durduğu için yeni arayışlar kaçınılmaz.   Okuyucuya bir … Read more

A tribute to Sony E-Readers

Last week I heard the news that Sony quits selling e-readers. I have been using a Sony reader for more than 6 years now. I have also used Nook for 2 years and tried Kindle. Sony’s is not the best design, and it does not have some juicy accessories but none other brands can challenge it. I suspect because … Read more

Niklas Femerstrand: Sweden Kidnapped My Friend… a cyberculture roundup…

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Lands In Sweden, Immediately Charged By Police from TorrentFreak by enigmax Sweden Kidnapped My Friend, Pirate Bay Co-Founder Anakata from TorrentFreak by Guest This is a guest post by researcher, hacker and political activist Niklas Femerstrand. He is involved in projects that include software development for micropayment service Flattr, cryptography and general … Read more

“Open Access at Duke

Global Pulse 2010: An invitation to talk to decision makers online

from Global Voices Online by Lester Bolicenni

global_pulseFrom March 29 to 31, Global Pulse 2010 aims to gather over 20.000 individuals and representatives of organisations in an online conversation dealing with topics ranging from human development to science and technologies.

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iPad emerges as Erkan plays with his humble Sony Reader

A few days ago, I got a Sony Reader as a gift from Ayhan. It is a way modest gadget compared to iPad but still I love it. It has immediately boosted my reading level which had been down lately. Well, with something like iPad, e-reading will be even more sensational, i guess…

Best Coverage, Tweets of Apple iPad Event

from MediaShift

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