A tribute to Sony E-Readers

Last week I heard the news that Sony quits selling e-readers. I have been using a Sony reader for more than 6 years now. I have also used Nook for 2 years and tried Kindle. Sony’s is not the best design, and it does not have some juicy accessories but none other brands can challenge it. I suspect because Sony was not invested in e-book industry like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles were and thus let all e-book files could easily be read without relying on Calibre software to convert. I could highlight my notes in any file types. Nook let me read in some other file types but only at epub files I could highlight. After 2 years of usage, Nook began to freeze frequently and I have decided to return my old friend Sony reader. Why I left Sony for Nook? Because of the Sony Reader Software. When upgraded, it duplicated my books, messed up  my notes. Now I am back to Sony Reader without using its Software and I back to my usual reading mode. But for my most important issue is that I can read any types of files I like and take notes immediately. So it is a pity that it is the end of Sony Readers. But understandable, too. Without forming a broader eco-system, it is hard to survive in the ebook industry….

Sony quits selling e-readers

Sony has announced it’s to give up selling e-readers due to failing to compete within a crowded market. This follows the company’s decision earlier this year to stop selling e-books to customers, directing them to competing service Kobo.


Nate the greatest (2261802) writes Sony has decided to follow up closing its ebook stores in the U.S. and Europe by getting out of the consumer ebook reader market entirely. (Yes, Sony was still making ereaders.) The current model (the Sony Reader PRS-T3) will be sold until stock runs out, and Sony won’t be releasing a new model.

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