Eurosphere agenda: “Spain’s hologram protests

France outcry over school skirt ban  BBC News | Europe | World Edition France faces a fresh backlash against its ban on religious signs in schools after a 15-year-old Muslim girl is sent home for wearing a long black skirt. Charlie artist ends Muhammad cartoons BBC News | Europe | World Edition Charlie Hebdo artist “Luz”, who … Read more

Replica Kaaba, Replica Pilgrim in İstanbul… İstanbul news roundup…

‘Replica Mecca’ in Istanbul raises eyebrows Hurriyet Daily News A district mayor in Istanbul from Turkey’s ruling AKP has raised eyebrows by constructing replicas of Islam’s holiest places and objects, yet the building idea seems to have spread elsewhere Concert in memory of Armenian intellectuals Anatolian Culture and Kalan Music have collaborated to organize a concert … Read more

Al-Qadr night special from Turkish police:

via @SibelYerdeniz Two older citizens in Mis Street, Taksim who seem to be just drinking are detained like this: Here, it seems that police believes that garbage is a barricade, so they hurry to break apart the so called barricade… Police attack in Bekar St, Taksim: via @cigdemizmirli via @SamiGurel

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