Rubens’ Three Graces is in trouble in Turkey! Barbarians at the Gates news from Turkey…

Turkey’s media watchdog goes into racy details for kiss scene RTÜK has done it again, raising eyebrows this time by going into the ‘erotic’ details of a TV drama kiss scene WorldViews: Why Turkey’s military wants to ban ‘Game of Thrones’  Yahoo news New regulations for military schools in Turkey reportedly prohibit the screening of shows like … Read more

“US Jewish group demands PM Erdoğan return award… Dispatches from Turkey…

US Jewish group demands PM Erdoğan return award AJC, a prominent Jewish organization in the US, has asked Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan to return a courage award he received in 2004, following his response to the recent Gaza operations US urges fair, transparent probe into detained Turkish police chiefs Washington has again called for ‘fair, transparent and … Read more

Anti-semitism now explicit and politically strong…

Yeni Akit is way below journalistic standards. However, his chief editor is a permanent guest in PM Erdoğan’s trips and its news function to target individuals with real damaging results… Ziya Meral‏@Ziya_Meral : Shocking.. Turkish newspaper Akit publishes crossword with pic of Hitler, keywords under it “We are searching you” Ahmet A. Sabancı ‏@ahmetasabanci : Turkish newspaper Akit’s crossword … Read more

A former minister accused of corruption, also an anti-semite….

Ex-economy minister’s ‘Jews, Zoroastrians or atheists attacked gov’t’ remarks raise concerns Representatives of Turkey?s Jewish Community have said former Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan?s remarks were anti-Semitic AND YES THEY DID IT AGAIN: Midnight raid on Ankara theater campus results in cutting of dozens of trees A construction company violated a court ruling ordering a stay of execution … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: “France takes tough line at Iran talks…”Tight EU budgets..” Anti-Semitism ‘on rise in Europe’

France takes tough line at Iran talks France expresses doubts about draft agreement and makes demands on Tehran that appear to be tougher than those from the US and Britain Iran nuclear talks end without a deal Near two-week gap before next talks could prove uncomfortable for US and Iranian negotiators, who both face considerable opposition at … Read more