Rubens’ Three Graces is in trouble in Turkey! Barbarians at the Gates news from Turkey…

Afraid of possible fines, CNN Türk TV censored this work of art… News source:,277083

Turkey’s media watchdog goes into racy details for kiss scene

RTÜK has done it again, raising eyebrows this time by going into the ‘erotic’ details of a TV drama kiss scene
New regulations for military schools in Turkey reportedly prohibit the screening of shows like HBO’s Game of Thrones
A new residence for the president will also be built, the Ankara branch of the Chamber of Architects says
Turkey’s sixth graders now see cute animals instead of human genitalia in their school books on science, stirring a fresh ‘culture clash’ debate
Davutoğlu has vowed to defend all religions, ‘even Buddhism,’ if they are stigmatized in school textbooks
The television and entertainment business is having a nightmare season this year. At least 10 popular television dramas have been canceled due to low ratings, but one has created such a storm that even the conservative columnists are having a party discussing it.
A cistern-like Byzantine-era structure has been unearthed during renovation of an underpass in Istanbul
A Turkish court has ordered the gov’t to pay compensation to a French woman who was held detained during the Gezi protests
Rapid urbanization and inexpugnable industrialization in Turkey have recently boosted the public awareness about its disappering green, a year after the first offshoots of environmental activism on popular scale were observed during the Gezi Park protests.Technology is the key here: Massive projects, including large bridges, huge skyscrapers and deeper mines, are the result of technology. But new technologies also make it easier for activists to organize protests, while revealing the public how seriously the green is being grayed.
A popular televangelist in Turkey declared his skepticism of the mission in his latest televised sermon
Having won their legal struggle against their employers in late 2013, Kazova Workers have now formed their cooperative and are nor working to launch their own workshop and factory.

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