Güler Zere passed away… Her release was too late…

Release comes too late for Turkish prisoner Güler Zere



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The first President to be in Tunceli in 19 years

In another positively historical political moment in Turkey, President Abdullah Gül pays a visit to Tunceli. This city, predominantly Alevite, has been the symbol of radical opposition to Establishment. [I had just heard that fatally ill political prisoner Güler Zere may be released, news coming soon]

Cumhurbaşkanı Gül, Zere'yi affetti
Güler Zere

oh yes, she is released (though it might be too late)…

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Güler Zere (and more judicial news)

Güler Zere
Güler Zere

Last evening, in Istiklal Street, Taksim, I happened to witness around a thousand demonstrators protesting Güler Zere’s situation. She is a detainee in Adana prison ill with fourth stage cancer and if she is not released she may die.  A web report claims that Ministry of Justice has just started the release process; let’s hope for the best.

“Stop Sexual Harassment in Police and Gendarmerie”

Bianet – Emine Özcan – ?Aug 31, 2009?

Güler Zere is a detainee in Adana prison ill with fourth stage cancer. According to a medical report, Zere is in danger of dying and the hospital’s prison

Unfortunately, not good news follow:

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