The first President to be in Tunceli in 19 years

In another positively historical political moment in Turkey, President Abdullah Gül pays a visit to Tunceli. This city, predominantly Alevite, has been the symbol of radical opposition to Establishment. [I had just heard that fatally ill political prisoner Güler Zere may be released, news coming soon]

Cumhurbaşkanı Gül, Zere'yi affetti
Güler Zere

oh yes, she is released (though it might be too late)…

President Gül Faces Demands from Tunceli

from Bianet :: English
During his visit in Tunceli President Abdullah Gül faced several demands of local NGO’s, such as to stop the construction of dams, to reform the ‘Cem’ houses and the Department of Religious Affairs, to release 86-year-old Yusuf Kaplan, to apologize for what happened in 1938 and to disclose the grave of Seyit Rıza and his friends.

Ergenekon books attract readers at TÜYAP fair
Today’s Zaman
Fair visitors have been showing interest in books that look at the long-running Kurdish issue and the Ergenekon investigation, aimed at uncovering a

Authorities Hamper Release of Fatally-Ill Güler Zere

from Bianet :: English
Lawyer Aslan warns once more that imprisoned cancer patient Zere’s health is continuously deteriorating. She emphasizes that the probability of Zere to die increases if the authorities do not take any action soon.

Good Kurd, bad Kurd?

?or in the case of Massoud Barzani, the same Kurd. Mr. Barzani, president of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, might well wonder at the rollercoaster route which his reputation has traveled over the rocky terrain of Turkish public opinion. His star is in the ascendant at the moment, as so it should be after the first visit by a Turkish foreign minister to his administrative capital in Arbil. Better late, the saying goes, than never.

turkeybans: – Turkey censors Reg commentards

When Diyarbakırspor is viewed as synonymous with the PKK…


The fact that a group of football fans in Gaziantep yelled and shouted ?PKK out!? at Diyarbakırspor supporters at a match is the natural result of the current tense atmosphere in Turkey.

Why not discuss the Kurdish initiative on Nov. 10?


The Justice and Development Party (AK Party), which introduced an initiative this summer to solve the long-standing Kurdish problem, is preparing to bring this initiative to the floor of Parliament next week.

Who holds the strings in the Kurdish opening?

The release of 34 Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) militants coming through the Habur border gate from the Kandil Mountains after a superficial and routine interrogation has pointed to a visible turning point in the resolution of the Kurdish issue. These people?s past and their significance in the eyes of the Kurdish populace matters; however, the actual step was taken by the government. A symbolic, yet psychological, threshold was overcome.

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