Technology, Not Law, Limits Mass Surveillance… Snowden in search of asylum.. Cyberculture roundup..

  Snowden claims to be ?unbowed,? ?free and able? to continue publishing NSA secrets In a letter sent to Ecuador, Edward Snowden claimed that he is able to continue his whistleblowing activities unabated, despite his current legal and physical limbo. Technology, Not Law, Limits Mass Surveillance Improved technology enabled the NSA?s mass surveillance programs. Future improvements will … Read more

Facebook Defends itself in a letter To Congress, Google sues the US Government…

Facebook Status Chart Reveals When Breakups Occur from All Facebook by Jackie Cohen Dating services and other marketers of wares that appeal to the newly single, take note: Facebook relationship statuses most frequently go from ?in a relationship? to ?single? right before spring break. This infographic from David McCandless?s presentation at TED this past August … Read more