Technology, Not Law, Limits Mass Surveillance… Snowden in search of asylum.. Cyberculture roundup..


Snowden claims to be ?unbowed,? ?free and able? to continue publishing NSA secrets

2013 07 01 15h26 09 520x245 Snowden claims to be unbowed, free and able to continue publishing NSA secrets
In a letter sent to Ecuador, Edward Snowden claimed that he is able to continue his whistleblowing activities unabated, despite his current legal and physical limbo.

Technology, Not Law, Limits Mass Surveillance

Improved technology enabled the NSA?s mass surveillance programs. Future improvements will make collecting data on citizens easier and easier. Recent revelations about the extent of surveillance by the U.S. National Security Agency come as no surprise to those with a technical background in the workings of digital communications. The leaked documents show how the NSA has taken advantage of the

Edward Snowden Breaks Silence From Russia

Edward Snowden broke his days-long silence Monday.

Edward Snowden?s long flight: what a whistleblower thinks a fellow whistleblower might have thought ?

Here are five things that I imagine were on his mind (they would have been on mine) as that plane took off.

Snowden has applied to 15 countries for political asylum

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is under intense diplomatic pressure from the US over the Edward Snowden affair, says the former national security staffer accused of espionage won’t receive political asylum in Russia unless he stops publishing classified documents that harm the interests of the United States. But, you know, Putin would also like everyone to know that he’s no pushover. ?Russia never gives up anyone to anybody and is not planning to,? he said. Snowden has reportedly applied to 15 countries for political asylum, in desperation now that Ecuador seems to be shutting its door. [NYT]



Putin, Obama order FSB, FBI to find solution on Snowden

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama have ordered the chiefs of their respective security agencies

PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden is asking 15 countries for asylum, according to a Russian official

Edward Snowden, the man that blew the whistle on the NSA?s and GCHQ?s widespread internet surveillance activities is seeking asylum in 15 different countries, a Russian official said.

US leaker Snowden applies for political asylum in Russia

US leaker Edward Snowden has applied for asylum in Russia and President Vladimir Putin said


The Anatomy of the Occupy Wall Street Movement on Twitter

A study of the social network behind the Occupy movement shows that the most vocal participants were highly connected before the protests began but have now largely lost interest, say social network researchers

Porn Films Don?t Get Copyright Protection in Germany, Court RulesSo-called copyright-trolling in the file-sharing space was an activity pioneered in Germany around eight years ago.

Ever since, many hundreds of thousands of Internet users there have been plagued by threats from rightsholders of almost every kind of media, with many settling for amounts up to 1,200 euros a shot.

The Immortal Life of the Enron E-mails

A decade after the Enron scandal, the company?s internal messages are still helping to advance data science and many other fields.

Former Enron executive Vincent Kaminski is a modest, semi-retired business school professor from Houston who recently wrote a 960-page book

Big Data: Sensing and Shaping Emerging Conflicts

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and US Institute of Peace (USIP) co-organized a fascinating workshop on ?Sensing & Shaping Emerging Conflicts? in November 2012. I had the pleasure of speaking at this workshop, the objective of which was to ?identify major opportunities and impediments to providing better real-time information to actors directly involved in situations that could lead to deadly violence.? We explored ?several scenarios of potential violence drawn from recent country cases,? and ?considered a set of technologies, applications and strategies that have been particularly useful?or could be, if better adapted for conflict prevention.?

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