Anthro roundup: The populist battle over a Christmas figure in the Netherlands…

More thoughts from the Archaeology Division of the AAA- Publications, Blogging, and Making Conversations Count Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology by Jane Baxter Lynne Goldstein is a Professor of Anthropology and the Director of the Campus Archaeology Program at Michigan State University. She is the outgoing Publications Director for the Archaeology Division of the AAA. … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Malinowski and Hats”..”First RAI Photography Salon…

Malinowski and Hats Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology The alternate title for this post was going to be “Malinowski, Radcliffe-Brown, and Boas walk into a bar…”. This is a little autobiographical passage from pages 46-48 of History, Evolution, and the Concept of Culture: Selected Papers by Alexander Lesser. In it, Lesser (a vastly under-read and under-appreciated … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Paleolithic Ax Debunks Colonial Myth”

Paleolithic Ax Debunks Colonial Myth SAPIENS by Jacqueline Matthews and Martin Porr Earlier this year, a team of Australian researchers led by Peter Hiscock from the University of Sydney published new findings about a fragment of a ground-edge ax—which might have been similar to the hafted ax shown here—that had been discovered in the Kimberly region … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “The Archaeology of Star Wars…”Intel’s lead anthropologist: ….

Anonymity, Ethnography, and Alice Goffman: Welcome, journalists  Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology I think I’ve written and thrown away three separate posts on the Alice Goffman debatetrying to find something to say that people will find interesting. I personally don’t find the case to be very interesting, or to speak to core issues of what ethnography is … Read more

Anthro roundup: Breastfeeding in public…Getting Reading Done With Sente (Tools We Use)…

Breastfeeding in public: what is and what is not ?appropriate? I just read about a discrimination case in the San Diego area in which author/educator Rachel Rainbolt was told by her child?s homeschool teacher that breastfeeding was ?inappropriate? behavior during weekly meetings.  Read more about this case on her site. First of all, this sort … Read more

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