Cyberculture agenda: Pew Report: “The Political Environment on Social Media”

The Political Environment on Social Media Pew Internet Rss Feed: Reports by Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech In a political environment defined by widespread polarization and partisan animosity, even simple conversations can go awry when the subject turns to politics. In their in-person interactions, Americans can (and often do) attempt to steer clear of … Read more

In case you missed: “Child marriages make up one third in Turkey…”Turkish social media debates if Adele song was ‘inspired’ by Ahmet Kaya

Child marriages make up one third in Turkey One third of marriages in Turkey involve underage girls, according to a women’s rights lawyer speaking at a conference that was called to tackle the problem Turkish social media debates if Adele song was ‘inspired’ by Ahmet Kaya A song from famous British singer Adele’s latest album “25” has … Read more

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