In case you missed: “Child marriages make up one third in Turkey…”Turkish social media debates if Adele song was ‘inspired’ by Ahmet Kaya

One third of marriages in Turkey involve underage girls, according to a women’s rights lawyer speaking at a conference that was called to tackle the problem
A song from famous British singer Adele’s latest album “25” has created a storm on social media, as users were divided over whether the tune resembled one of iconic Kurdish singer Ahmet Kaya’s songs
Kurdish singer’s fans say Adele ‘stole’ music for recent ballad

Fans of the late singer Ahmet Kaya say Adele’s song Million Years Ago, from new album 25, bears striking similarities to a track by the Kurdish performer

A local court in Ankara has ordered Turkish-Armenian journalist Hayko Bağdat to pay 1,160 Turkish Liras for “insulting” Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek, saying in its ruling Bağdat had committed the crime under “provocation” by Gökçek, who made statements that “could be assumed as insulting” to the Armenian community

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