Human controlled AI already used as a killing machine

There is too much anxiety about autonomous AI agents, but humans with power always have the upper hand and do not care about ethics and regulations…

The Gospel: Israel turns to a new AI system in the Gaza war

Israel has been using artificial intelligence (AI) in the recent war against Hamas. The IDF has been using an AI target-creation platform called “the Gospel” to select bombing targets in Gaza. The system has been used to find more targets for bombing, to link locations to Hamas operatives, and to estimate likely numbers of civilian deaths in advance. The IDF has been using AI to calculate bombing targets in Gaza, and the system has reportedly been used to produce 100 bombing targets a day. The IDF has been using AI to hunt effective threats and ignore the ones that are not effective. The use of AI in war may add new complexities that exacerbate, rather than prevent, harm. AI systems make it easier for actors in conflict to enter into a conflict, and they may also make it more difficult to signal one’s intentions or interpret those of an adversary in the context of an escalating conflict.


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