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April 2024 Israel–Hamas war protests on university campuses in the United States

Pro-Palestinian protests on university campuses escalated on April 17, 2024, spreading to other universities in the United States and other countries, as a part of wider Israel–Hamas war protests. The escalation began after mass arrests at the Columbia University campus occupation, led by anti-Zionist groups, in which protesters demanded the university’s disinvestment from Israel over its alleged genocide of Palestinians.[5][6] As of May 3, over 2,300 protesters have been arrested,[4] including faculty members and professors,[1][7] on more than 40 U.S. campuses.[8] The different protests’ varying demands include severing financial ties with Israel and its affiliated entities, transparency over financial ties,[9] and amnesty for protesters.[10] In response, universities have suspended students, with some also expelled.[1][11]

2024 Columbia University pro-Palestinian campus occupation

2024 UCLA pro-Palestinian campus occupation

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Children dying from malnutrition and dehydration in Gaza — The Associated PressIn Gaza, malnutrition is causing child deaths, with at least 20 people dying in northern hospitals. The Israeli blockade, following an attack by Hamas, has severely limited food and aid, leading to acute hunger. Malnutrition affects children and the elderly first, with underfed mothers struggling to breastfeed, and diseases like diarrhea exacerbating the crisis. The U.N. blames Israel for restricting aid distribution, while Israel criticizes U.N. agencies for not distributing supplies.

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