Many Islamists in Turkey exploit the cause of Palestine for their own agenda- no surprise here

Unlike the European countries, I do not observe any genuine popular rallies about the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Islamists appropriated the Palestine case so powerfully that no others would like to be involved in any rallies. That does not mean that citizens are insensitive, but it is quite difficult to frame the case without aligning with the Islamists.

I know that some Islamists really care about the massacres happening in Gaza, but most are crooked and find the occasion to pressure others. Always with whiny rhetoric, İsmail Kılıçaraslan is one of them. He called for a boycott of a film director. The latter stroke back: Film director Zeki Demirkubuz sparks social media feud over Gaza commentary

A group of Islamist doctors attempted to protest the Gaza massacres in front of a historically Jewish community hospital. Or-ahayim Balat Jewish Hospital: ‘We condemn the targeting of our hospital’ 

And there are the Starbucks raids! The last one is in Adana. In this misguided targeting, those protesters are attacking young people’s lifestyles. Nothing else.

Metin Cihan on Twitter shows how bilateral trade/shipping continues. It seems that frustrated Islamists who cannot challenge the government are turning their anger to other citizens. Oh, by the way, there are exceptional cases: Two citizens of Turkey who went to fight in Gaza were killed in an Israeli UAV attack in Lebanon

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