Unable to punish Turkey’s autocrats, Western countries are punishing Turkish citizens through the Visa processes

Visa issues are a mess. The rejection rates increased. There are, of course, abusers, but many who have legitimate reasons are also victims of Western consulates’  new visa policies. Before rejecting, we need to collect many personal documents, and we need to get an appointment, which may take months. Then comes the rejection. It is humiliating on many levels. I should add that I never got a rejection, and I now have a green passport, so I do not need a Schengen visa anymore. However, to get an American visa, yes, an American visa, the author of this blog, who has been to the US, as you might know, needs to wait for a year!  (Just checked last night, and there is an opening, so I rescheduled my appointment to May 2023. How lucky I am!)

Many Turkish students are not able to continue their education due to Schengen visa problems such as facing an increased scrutiny of visa applications and waiting for months to get an appointment date.

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