From Datça to Van, on a mission to visit ancient settlements

After the Datça visit, I am about to fly to Van for a local journalism training program. It will be my first time in Van, and I will have time to travel around. My most recent obsession is to visit ancient towns in Turkey, and a rare goody to being a Turkish citizen is that the country has many places to see! Well, here is a site that lists the most notable ancient cities in Turkey. I have so much work to do!

In Datça and on my way back to İstanbul during a short road trip, I have visited at least four places.

Knidos was one of the highlights.

However, Stratonicea (Caria) was a major contender. Above, a more recent mosque is found at the ancient settlement and the mosque floor has several windows to show what is under.

The one below is from Lagina, which contains the temple of Hecate.

Van is a base for another ancient civilization: Urartu. Let’s see…

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