A few days in Datça, Turkey participating @Mediawise Disinformation Project for the Senior Citizens

It is hard to persuade many people that we are in Datça for work. It is my first time here, a very laid-back, relaxed vacation town. However, our mission is to promote the Meta Kafe. A pop-up cafe style first opened in the UK to promote digital literacy. Our special work here is to promote the localized version of Mediawise’s Whatsapp-based course. As the Bilgi University Communication School, we have localized the course, and our students are working in the cafe at the moment to engage with the citizens. Meta Turkey sponsors the project and Turkey’s two major fact-checking organizations supported us in the process: Teyit and Doğruluk Payı. Datça has one of the highest rates of senior citizens in Turkey, and that’s why we started here. Of course, Datça Municipality’s assistance was also a great factor. check out the municipality’s phenomenal Twitter account.  I could finally meet with the person who is behind this account. As for the vacation part, I had to see the Knidos ancient city!

3 thoughts on “A few days in Datça, Turkey participating @Mediawise Disinformation Project for the Senior Citizens”

  1. very cool. Congratulations on this work. What exactly is done to convince or teach seniors how to separate out the true from false, or to look for how to evaluate claims?

  2. Hi there, for 10 days, a Whatsapp message is sent to the user. It includes a 2-3 minutes video and a short message. The trick is to describe relevant terms such algorithms, echo chambers etc. in an understandable manner.


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