Turks protecting their cars against hail (A video) and other not-funny news roundup


Istanbulites and residents of western Turkey braced for an expected strong hail on Oct. 8, covering their vehicles with materials that would provide protection.

While blankets and rugs were a popular and practical choice of cover, some car owners opted for cheaper materials like cardboards and bubble wrap.


Some 56 people were detained in an Oct. 5 intercity police raid in southern Turkey on charges of prostitution, with authorities saying that 74 couples were swinging for money.

Acting on a warrant obtained six months ago, police reportedly detected that some 74 couples had been traveling to different cities and having group sex.

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Al-Monitor – Amberin Zaman – Oct 6, 11:36 PM

The decision to seize seed collections from the British Institute at Ankara are linked to the Turkish president’s wider Islamo-nationalist campaign. Turkish authorities have seized possession of the country’s oldest and richest archaeobotanical and

Turkish Interior Ministry postpones all union, NGO events until December amid COVID-19 outbreak


All nationwide events by non-governmental organizations, including labor and trade unions, will be postponed until Dec. 1 as part of COVID-19 precautions, Turkey’s Interior Ministry said in an Oct. 2 decree.

“The COVID-19 Science Committee suggested that events of professional organizations, unions or cooperatives where it would be difficult to maintain safe distances should be cancelled or postponed to a later date,” the ministry said.

The decree will apply to all events starting on Oct. 2, until Dec. 1, and all violations will be fined under the Turkish Penal Code.

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