Switching from Nagorno-Karabag, Turkey now focuses on Cyprus- Varosha reopened, coalition government collapses…


The People’s Party (HP), a member of the ruling coalition in the Turkish Cyprus, withdrew from the government on Oct. 6 ahead of presidential elections on Oct. 11, leading to government collapse.

Kudret Özersay, the deputy prime minister, decided to quit his position and the HP said they are withdrawing after Prime Minister Ersin Tatar announced he would be reopening the closed-off Varosha beachfront with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s blessing.

Turkish Cyprus’ coalition partner People’s Party (HP) withdrew from the government on Oct. 6 over a decision to open Varosha’s beaches to public ahead of presidential elections.
Turkish Cyprus reopens part of resort abandoned in 1974 conflict

Duvar English – Reuters Turkish Cyprus reopened part of the beachfront of a resort abandoned since the 1974 conflict on the

EU condemns northern Cyprus plan to reopen beach in no man’s land

Turkish Cypriot leader’s plan is described as ‘serious violation’ of UN ceasefire agreement

The EU’s diplomatic chief has condemned plans by breakaway northern Cyprus to reopen the beach of an abandoned resort in no-man’s land as a “serious violation” of a UN ceasefire agreement on the divided island.

Turkish exports hit as Saudi Arabia hinders entry of goods – report | Ahval

Political tensions between Turkey and Saudi Arabia are spilling over into trade as the Saudi

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