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EU’s 2020 enlargement report: Turkey’s retreat from democracy continues

The constitutional architecture continued centralising powers at the level of the Presidency without ensuring a sound and effective separation of powers between the executive, legislative and the judiciary. …
Turkey on Oct. 6 criticized the European Commission’s 2020 Enlargement Package prepared for all candidate and potential candidate countries.
The Commission’s “Turkey 2020 Report” has noted that “under the conditions of the Presidential system, the serious backsliding of the respect for democratic standards, rule of law, and fundamental freedoms continued.” Turkey has slammed the report.
European Commission said on Tuesday that the democratic accountability of Turkey’s executive was…
Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are carrying out increasingly blatant violations of a United…
Seventeen senior figures of the HDP have been remanded in custody after a new investigation was opened into the 2014 “Kobani protests” in Kurdish-majority provinces.
Amid ongoing conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus, Hrant Dink Foundation has made a call for peace: “We call on the administrators of all related countries to open negotiation channels and to operate diplomatic tools.”

Property of journalist Can Dündar confiscated

The local court has ruled that journalist Can Dündar, who is currently abroad, shall be considered a “fugitive” and his property shall be confiscated on the grounds that he has failed to appear in court within 15 days.
Targeted by the Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies (ASAM) amid ongoing clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia, HDP MP Paylan has filed a criminal complaint against the ASAM executives and released a statement about the issue.
After he was targeted by the Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies (ASAM) for making a call for peace amid ongoing clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, hundreds of people have expressed support for Garo Paylan, an Armenian MP of the HDP.

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