Gezi Trial: Osman Kavala kept imprisoned…

The court has ruled that the Kavala’s arrest shall continue due to “suspicion of escape.”
Turkish court rules to keep Kavala in prison in interim decision on Gezi trial | Ahval

An Istanbul court on Tuesday ruled for the continuation of arrest for Turkish philanthropist Osman…
Releasing a statement ahead of Büyükada trial, Amnesty International Secretary General Naidoo said, “Over the course of eight hearings, the prosecuting authorities have failed to present any credible evidence of any criminal wrongdoing”.
Arrest of Journalists Ahmet Altan, Ilıcak to Continue

The court has ruled that the verdict of the Supreme Court of Appeals overturning life sentences for Altan Brothers and Ilıcak shall
‘Büyükada davası’nda savcının mütalaası için duruşma ertelendi

İstanbul’daki Büyükada’da toplantı yaparken gözaltına alınan insan hakları savunucularının yargılandığı davada


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