The Turkish offensive into Northern Syria begins…

Turkish troops launch offensive into northern Syria, says Erdogan

The incursion announced by President Erdogan is to target Kurdish militias and create a “safe zone”.
Newsweek – James LaPorta – Oct 7, 11:16 AM

Donald Trump got ‘rolled’ by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a National Security Council source with direct knowledge of the discussions told Newsweek. In a scheduled phone call on Sunday afternoon between President Trump and President

Erdoğan’s Syrian incursion could be his biggest gamble yet

Turkey’s president faces some difficult choices after being given green light by the US For Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, it’s a case

Trump Turned His Back on Syrian Kurds. Here’s How They View Their New Precarious Position.

Sherin Tamo remembers watching the U.S. airstrikes hit the Syrian town of Kobane from across the border in Turkey. It was

Trump Throws Middle East Policy Into Turmoil Over Syria

After criticism that he was allowing a Turkish incursion into northern Syria, the president pivoted, saying he would prevent

Militia Commander Says It Will Attack Turkish Forces if They Enter Syria

Turkey’s president said a Syrian operation was imminent but confusion remained over President Trump’s Syria policy.

Did Trump Just Backstab Our Kurdish Allies for Turkey?

Withdrawing troops in Syria pleases Turkey but endangers Kurds fighting the Islamic State.

Trump Betrays an Ally at the Turkish Border

An American withdrawal from northern Syria will leave Kurds who helped us against the Islamic State to fend for themselves.

Abandoning Kurdish forces in Syria a shortsighted, dangerous move – analysis | Ahval

The U.S. decision to withdraw forces from Syria threatens to undo five years of battling the

US ending support for Kurds in Syria will lead to genocide, says protester – video

Protesters gathered outside the White House in Washington to demand Donald Trump reverse his decision to withdraw US

Twitter apologises for trending anti-Trump hashtag from Turkey | Ahval

Twitter has apologised and removed a trend originating from Turkey that wished ill on U.S.…
The New York Times – Eric Schmitt – Oct 6, 9:44 PM

WASHINGTON — In a major shift in United States military policy in Syria, the White House said on Sunday that President Trump had given his approval for a Turkish military operation that would sweep away American-backed Kurdish forces near

Kurds in Syria Brace for War as Turkey Says Incursion Imminent

Turkey vowed to move ahead with plans to invade northeastern Syria, which a U.S.-backed Kurdish militia said would cause a

Rojava Self Administration Declares ‘General Mobilization’ as Turkey Prepares for Offensive

The administration has called all the people living in its area to “resist” against Turkey’s expected military offensive.

Turkey boosts troops to cross Syria border ‘shortly’

Turkey prepares its offensive, as President Trump denies the US has abandoned its Kurdish allies.

Turkey’s Syria offensive likely limited in scope, but will have big consequences | Ian J. Lynch @Ian_J_Lynch

Turkey’s looming cross-border operation into northeast Syria is likely to be limited in scope and…

Kurds, seeing Trump treachery, retrain as guerrillas – Independent | Ahval

Syrian Kurdish forces, until this week the stalwart of the U.S. battle against Islamic State, have…

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