Making of a photo: A Turkish postman in Cappadoccia in 1969 in a coffeehouse [in English]

I have seen this photo several times. Hard to believe it is from Turkey. But a brief story of the photo here in English. Photographer Bill Ray explains how he did it…  

Turkey in the science news- for wrong reasons… “Turkish scientist gets 15-month sentence for publishing environmental study

Turkish scientist gets 15-month sentence for publishing environmental study Science – Eva Frederick Sep. 27 – Sep 27, 2:35 PM A Turkish food engineer and human rights activist was sentenced yesterday to 15 months in jail after publishing the results of a study he and other scientists had done that linked toxic pollution to a high … Read more

5.8 magnitude earthquake shows Istanbul is not ready for a bigger one…

We felt the earthquake when we were having lunch in the campus restaurant. I guess this was the biggest one I felt since the notorious 17 August 1999 quake. However, this was a quiet moderate one compared to that. But it showed that Istanbul is not ready for a major quake. All public funds since … Read more

Erdoğan in NY in the UN Summit…

Another English case: I SPEECH KÜRSÜ??? — attorney at love (@allegrande) September 24, 2019 Turkey Now the Only G20 Country Not Ratifying Paris Agreement Bianet :: English As Russia has signed the act ratifying Russia’s participation in Paris Agreement, Turkey is now the only G20 country which Will you pay for me too?’: Putin … Read more

Isn’t it kind of barbaric? “Turkey prepares to flood 12,000-year-old city to build dam

After the half-hour drive from Batman in south-east Turkey, the ancient city of Hasankeyf, which sits on the banks of the Tigris River, appears as an oasis. Hasankeyf is thought to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements on Earth, dating as far back as 12,000 years and containing thousands of caves, churches and … Read more

A weekend in Diyarbakır (Amed) (and Mardin)

I was invited to a wedding and since I had time I said why not. The whole weekend was intense, I met some really good people who showed me around. This was, in fact, the third time I was in Diyarbakır -thank Swarm I know the exact dates in 2011 and 2015) but this was … Read more

#Istanbul Biennial rocks. Two pieces on the biennial

….and I believe I may be the only one who has not shared photos from the Biennial in his/her Instagram account… ‘It’s hard not to panic’ – Istanbul Biennial targets waste, greed, garbage and gorgons World news: Turkeyby Adrian Searle The art festival is spotlighting our tragic impact on the planet. Thank goodness for the lighter moments … Read more

Looking at the “national car”

Turkey’s ruling elites are at the height of a banal nationalism wave. In this staged photo, the minister along with a group of journalists and columnists, are looking at a prototype of a car that will be a national product. We do not see the “yerli oto” but a group collaborating media personnel like in … Read more

Politics of mothers

If you search “HDP and mothers” in Google News you will reach a bunch of news and commentaries on the first page all from the pro-government media. It probably started with a sincere mother, but it was quickly appropriated by the government circles and trolls to encourage more mothers to participate (More mothers join protest at HDP office … Read more

Ahmet Altan did not surrender. He is kept as a prisoner for three years now…

Turkish Journalist Ahmet Altan completes third year behind bars | Ahval Tuesday marks the third anniversary of the imprisonment of prominent Turkish novelist and… Ahmet Altan – Wikipedia ECHR rejects Turkey’s appeal over ruling on former top court member | | Ahval AMP Project The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has rejected an appeal by the Turkish … Read more

From Islamist foundations to extravagant numbers of car rentals, #Istanbul municipality continues to prevent funding for pro-government circles…

Canan Kaftanciouglu: Turkish opposition figure faces jail for tweets BBC News | Europe | World Edition Canan Kaftanciouglu is the Istanbul head of the main opposition CHP party that now runs the city. Turkish opposition politician sentenced for ‘insulting’ Erdogan Al Jazeera English (In Depth) / Indictment accused Kaftancioglu of insulting the government and public … Read more

A good example of Gonzo Journalism: “Them: Adventures with Extremists Book” by Jon Ronson

There may not be many exciting examples of gonzo journalism nowadays but I loved reading Jon Ronson’s Them: Adventures with Extremists Book It is a kind of multi-sited ethnography (!) from radical İslamists to KKK gangs… I list all my readings here at Goodreads.    

Turkish Rappers declared independence (!): #SUSAMAM

A highly critical rap song made my several Turkish rappers led by Ezhel and Şanışer tops the Turkish Youtube trend list now. The 14-minute long version includes a social critique of AKP government from education to judiciary degeneration… #Susamam – Şanışer ft. Fuat, Ados, Hayki, Server Uraz, Beta, Tahribad-ı İsyan, Sokrat St, Ozbi, Deniz Tekin, … Read more

Something that should have been done years ago… “Istanbul Joins 24-Hour Transit Club

As Islamofascists are driven away bit by bit, life comes back… Istanbul Joins 24-Hour Transit Club Next City Istanbul, Turkey’s largest metropolis and the largest city in the world to span two continents, has become a true 24-hour city. As of the end of August Turkey plans to build mosque on site of Istanbul’s first beer factory Reuters … Read more

Turkey’s Space Agency…

I don’t why they had to wear what they wore… Wikipedia site for the agency, which is still in the beginning phase…