Erdoğan in NY in the UN Summit…

Meeting with the anti-Sionist marginal Jewish group’s representatives…
Meeting with the representatives of NYPD Muslim Officers Society
At every opportunity, Erdoğan likes to criticize US but happy to have a family photo.

Another English case:

Turkey Now the Only G20 Country Not Ratifying Paris Agreement

As Russia has signed the act ratifying Russia’s participation in Paris Agreement, Turkey is now the only G20 country which

Will you pay for me too?’: Putin buys an ice cream for Erdoğan – video

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Vladimir Putin have underscored their close links with ice cream
The Atlantic – Aug 28, 10:00 PM

ISTANBUL—Under the cover of night, Turkish police officers pushed Ahmed onto a large bus parked in central Istanbul. In the darkness, the Syrian man from Damascus could discern dozens of other handcuffed refugees being crammed into the

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