From Islamist foundations to extravagant numbers of car rentals, #Istanbul municipality continues to prevent funding for pro-government circles…

Canan Kaftanciouglu: Turkish opposition figure faces jail for tweets

Canan Kaftanciouglu is the Istanbul head of the main opposition CHP party that now runs the city.

Turkish opposition politician sentenced for ‘insulting’ Erdogan

Indictment accused Kaftancioglu of insulting the government and public servants and ‘spreading terrorist propaganda’.

İstanbul Municipality Piles up Hundreds of ‘Surplus Cars’ from AKP Era

Mayor İmamoğlu promised before the election to display “surplus cars” of the municipality.

İstanbul Mayor: We Canceled 357 Million Liras Worth of Contracts with Foundations

It has been revealed that the municipality 56 million liras for “food aid” to a foundation, İmamoğlu has announced.

Istanbul’s opposition mayor cancels over $ 60 million in support for AKP-linked foundations | Ahval

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), under the leadership of opposition mayor Ekrem…

Erdoğan: We will Prevent İstanbul from Being Gifted to Terrorism Supporters

The President has spoken on the dismissal of HDP mayors and the main opposition’s support for the HDP.

Bulgarian artist incorporates Istanbul in sculpture

A Bulgarian artist has created a sculpture incorporating Istanbul and its landmarks.


Supporting the views of Democratic Party, Istanbul Express Newspaper was owned by Mithat Perin, editorial director of that time was Gökşin Sipahioğlu. ‘Our father Atatürk’s house has been bombed’ made the headline of the

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