5.8 magnitude earthquake shows Istanbul is not ready for a bigger one…

We felt the earthquake when we were having lunch in the campus restaurant. I guess this was the biggest one I felt since the notorious 17 August 1999 quake. However, this was a quiet moderate one compared to that. But it showed that Istanbul is not ready for a major quake. All public funds since 1999 have been spent on other issues but definitely not for earthquake preparation… A former minister, Mehmet Şİmşek, once said they spend the money on building more highways…

It was so bad that all major GPS companies failed in communications and it was to share other tools in case of emergencies.

İstanbul Technical University: Situation ‘Critical’ After Earthquake on Locked Fault

The İTU has said that the fault segment where yesterday’s earthquake occurred is the segment where “the expected
Along the eastern margin of the Mediterranean (near Turkey), the Sea of Marmara is a transition zone between the extensional regime of the back-arc of the Hellenic subduction system to the west, and the strike-slip regime of the North Anatolian Fault to the east. The North Anatolian Fault accommodates much of the right lateral strike-slip motion between the Anatolian Block and Eurasia Plate. Between 1939 and 1999, a sequence of 11 M6.7+ strike-slip earthquakes propagated westwards along the North Anatolian Fault.

Sep 26,2019 | Marmara Earthquake

Between 1939 and 1999 a series of devastating M7+ strike-slip earthquakes propagated westward along the North Anatolian Fault Zone, beginning with the 1939 M7.8 Erzincan earthquake on the eastern end of the North Anatolian Fault system. The 1999 M7.6 Izmit earthquake, located on the westward end of the fault, struck one of Turkey’s most densely populated and industrialized urban areas killing, more than 17,000 people.

5.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Istanbul, 8 slightly injured

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Istanbul slightly injured eight people Thursday and sent school children and residents into the streets of Turkey’s …

İstanbul Earthquake: First Statements by Mayor, President

Mayor İmamoğlu has said they are “on alert”, President Erdoğan has remarked that there are “tens of thousands of assembly

5.8-magnitude earthquake jolts Turkish metropolis Istanbul

A 5.8-magnitude earthquake which struck southwest of Istanbul in the Marmara Sea on Sept. 26 caused panic among the

The Question After the Istanbul Earthquake: Earthquake Emergency Assembly Areas

Today, the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 moment in the afternoon off the Silivri district of Istanbul in the Marmara Sea

Demographics of Istanbul

Throughout most of its history, Istanbul has ranked among the largest cities in the world. By 500 CE, Constantinople had somewhere between 400,000

Istanbul earthquake: Magnitude 5.8 quake hits Turkey

An earthquake measuring 5.8 magnitude shook Istanbul on Thursday, causing panic among residents, the evacuation of schools and public offices,


In other news: 

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Mavi Boncuk | It can currently handle 90 million passengers a year. Once completed in 2027, the 29.5 square-mile airport will be

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