#Europe agenda: …And Catalans declare independence as Madrid imposes direct rule…


Catalan parliament defies Madrid, declares independence

Catalonia’s parliament declared independence from Spain in a historic vote on Friday (27 October), setting the scene for a showdown with Madrid, which has announced it would strip the breakaway region of its autonomy.
The Catalan regional parliament votes to declare independence from Spain.
Catalan crisis: Spain PM Rajoy demands direct rule

Spain’s senate is expected to pass the emergency measures, which include sacking the Catalan leader.
Catalonia’s parliament declares independence but Madrid imposes direct rule over the region.

How technology powered the Catalan referendum

One of the real heroes of the referendum was undoubtedly social media.

Emeka Forbes.This month’s vote was a wake up call for Governments around the world, that in an age of technology, silencing the voice of democracy is easier said than done.


Hundreds of thousands amass in Barcelona after Spanish government announces plan to sack Catalonia’s separatist leaders.
Two wealthy northern regions in Italy voted on Sunday (22 October) in favour of having increased independence from Rome, in a non-binding referendum that set the stage for negotiations on more autonomy with the central government.

When you have to relieve yourself really badly, it doesn’t matter if you’re the presidential dog — you just need to find a quiet place and take a leak.

“We are confident that there is a possibility to reach an agreement” to revise the posted workers directive, Estonian labour minister Jevgeni Ossinovski said Monday while arriving at a meeting in Luxembourg. Ossinovski, who chairs the meeting as EU presidency, said he was “confident that there is a will” from member states to overcome differences on the length of posting and whether to include transport in the directive.

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