“E-book: ‘Unemployed Journalists Chasing News’ Project Goes Online in English, Kurdish #journalism

“Unemployed Journalists Chasing News” project of IPS Communication Foundation / bianet realized by the journalists who have been left unemployed, is now online as an e-book in Kurdish and English.

Please find the links below for English, Kurdish and Turkish versions of the e-book:

The articles published as part of the project: 

1- Even Though They Speak Through Their New “Occupations,” They Are Journalists

2- Journalism is Banned under the State of Emergency

3- Germany: New Generation Diaspora/Kopuntu

4- Germany: Immigration of the Suffocated

5- The Organization that Made “The Arab Girl Looks from the Window”

6- How They Work/Cannot Work, Breaking Down the Stereotypes

7- They Marry White People to Avoid Discrimination

8- Private Rehabilitation Centers and Problems: The Example of Bingöl

9- Two Directors Discuss the “Educational Support for People with Disabilities” Practices

10- ‘Solution is Inclusion System in Education for People with Disabilities’

11- Students and Parents from Bingöl Tell of Their Experiences

12- The Neighborhood of “Giaour” Doesn’t Exist Anymore

13- Mıgırdıç Margosyan Couldn’t Recognize His Street Amidst Ruins

14- The Ones Who Choose Life, Love, and to Struggle, Just to Spite Hatred

15- Ece Devrim: I Strongly Resisted Forced Sex Work

16- Şahika: You Don’t Become A Trans Woman Later

17- Emirhan: It’s Necessary to Have An Organized Struggle and to Record Our Experiences

18- Sarmaşık Association Was Closed; Where Does This Leave the Victims? 

19- An Alternative Bank: The Sarmaşık Food Bank 

20- Sarmaşık Association is Closed; “They Are Neither Hungry nor Full”

21- Balat: A Modern İstanbul Project in a Historical Setting

22- Art Gripped by The Trustees 

23- The Artists and Audience Were Left with No Stage; The Students Were Left with No Conservatory

24- KCK Operations

25- Prison Chronology of Kurdish Movements

26- Almost All Party Chairs Served Jail Term

Source: E-book of ‘Unemployed Journalists Chasing News’ Project Goes Online in English, Kurdish – english

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