Efkan Ala abruptly Resigns, Süleyman Soylu, who was claimed to be the boss of Aktrolls once, becomes the Minister of Interior…

But I don’t believe he is the boss now- if there was ever one…

Minister of Interior Efkan Ala Resigns

The Minister of Interior Ala has resigned, Minister of Labor and Social Security Trabzon MP Süleyman Soylu has been appointed to the post.

Welcome to demokrasi: how Erdogan got more popular than ever | Christopher de Bellaigue

After a decade in power, Turkey’s ruler presides over a new form of democracy that the west neither likes nor understands: an authoritarian regime that exalts the will of the majority

al-monitor.com – Aug 30, 3:04 AM

Author: Pinar Tremblay August 30, 2016 On Aug. 16, Ozgur Gundem, one of the few remaining independent news outlets in Turkey, was closed by a decision from Istanbul’s 8th Court of Peace. Pro-government newspaper Sabah reported the news as

Turkish police raid Kurdish-language newspaper office

23 people detained two weeks after another Kurdish paper was shut down by court order and its chief editors were arrested

A foreign academic briefly detained in Turkey and fired from his university for alleged links to coup-plotters tells his story.

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