Efkan Ala abruptly Resigns, Süleyman Soylu, who was claimed to be the boss of Aktrolls once, becomes the Minister of Interior…

But I don’t believe he is the boss now- if there was ever one… Minister of Interior Efkan Ala Resigns Bianet :: English The Minister of Interior Ala has resigned, Minister of Labor and Social Security Trabzon MP Süleyman Soylu has been appointed to the post. Welcome to demokrasi: how Erdogan got more popular than ever | … Read more

Kobane resists against the IS siege. the 27th Day

  ICYMI We spoke to last foreign journalist forced to flee #Kobane – listen to his story http://t.co/jyIWGrc7yc pic.twitter.com/M9LtwqUx5j — BBC Outside Source (@BBCOS) October 11, 2014 A Turkish soldier "visiting" an ISIS anti-aircraft unit at Kobani. They look way too friendly. http://t.co/YtzcEYzuNn — Oliver North (@OliverLNorth) October 10, 2014 Violence in Turkey raises spectre … Read more

A dark election introduces darker times in Turkey

First of all, I have to strongly declare that as long as elections go through a transparent process and vote counting occurs without a major irregularity, I am ready to accept and  congratulate whatever results AKP gets. If the citizens of Turkey predominantly prefer to continue with AKP leadership, I respect this decision. I had … Read more