The EU is examining the options for taking steps against the media reform passed in Poland at the end of the year that gives the government more influence in public broadcasting. The Union is right to put the national-conservative government in its place, some commentators say. Others find Brussels’ finger-wagging counterproductive.

IS video ‘shows killing of UK spies’

Islamic State militants release a video, featuring a man and young boy speaking with British accents, purportedly showing the killing of five men who it says were spying for the UK.

Sweden tightens border with Denmark to keep out migrants


Sweden has tightened border controls for those arriving by train, bus and ferry in an attempt to halt the flow of migrants and refugees into the country from mainland Europe

Leftists force new Catalonia election

Spain’s Catalonia region faces fresh elections after a socialist group voted against pro-independence leader Artur Mas.

Cameron’s renegotiation speech and intra-EU migration: how the web reacted

Using natural language processing (NLP) techniques, we have analysed reactions to Cameron’s speech on Twitter, focusing in particular on the sensitive issue of intra-EU migration.

On November 10, 2015 Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron held a keynote speech at the Chatham House, launching his proposals for the reform of the European Union – a preliminary step and condition to the referendum on Britain’s stay in the Union, which will be held by 2017.

The European Union has deplored the executions of 47 people in Saudi Arabia, warning that the death of Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr “has the potential of enflaming further the sectarian tensions that already bring so much damage to the entire region, with dangerous consequences”.

Catalan far-left party CUP said yesterday (3 January) it would not support acting regional head Artur Mas in his bid for another term, forcing new local elections, and increasing the likelihood Spain may have to return to the ballot box.

UK migrant crisis response ‘inadequate’

David Cameron’s response to the refugee crisis is “clearly inadequate”, leading aid and refugee agencies claim.

EU ready to fight Polish media law

A senior EU official threatens legal action against Poland’s new conservative government over its controversial media law.

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