Eurosphere agenda: A BBC piece: “Lesbos: Microcosm of Europe’s migrant crisis…

Lesbos: Microcosm of Europe’s migrant crisis

Volunteers on Lesbos wait for the migrant boats to arrive
A drowned two-year-old boy became the first known migrant casualty of the year on Jan. 1 after the crowded dinghy he was travelling in slammed into rocks off Greece’s Agathonisi island, the coastguard said
Paris: Voice of the Suburbs

Intrepid reporter Widad takes us into the heart of France’s deprived suburbs to reveal a voice not often heard.
How the world was changed by three words from Paris
What You Need To Know About the Paris Agreement

On December 12, 2015, countries of the world adopted the Paris Agreement, taking an important step forward together to fight climate change.  The Agreement creates a long-term framework for all countries to make concrete progress in accelerating action on climate change.


Refguees living in squalor in northern France

With little or no official help, people live without running water and sanitation at camps near Dunkirk and in Calais.

The amazing survival of the Baltic Muslims

The amazing 600-year survival of Baltic Muslims

Responding to Europe’s Political Polarization

The message from recent elections in EU member states is impossible to miss: Voters are deeply dissatisfied with mainstream parties and are increasingly willing to support radical alternatives. It would be foolish to hope that demands for change will wane once those making them are confronted with the responsibility of governing.

MAIN FOCUS: 2015: Terror, refugees and the euro crisis | 29/12/2015

This year Europe was shaken by more than the conflict over borders and barbed wire in view of hundreds of thousands of refugees. The euro seemed doomed due to the Greek crisis, Paris was the target of two terrorist attacks, and far-right parties and movements gained new impetus. Are there still reasons to be optimistic about 2016?

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