In 2015 in Turkey, 500 journalists fired… 73 Miners Killed…

The Turkish Court of Auditors has not announced its annual audit reports publicly, reversing the practice of releasing detailed reports in the past, raising concerns about transparency in public spending
Around 500 journalists were fired and 70 others were subjected to physical violence in 2015, the Turkish Journalists Association (TGC) has said
73 Miners Killed in 2015

The mining union has declared that at least 73 workers killed in 2015.
2016 will be even harder than last year economically, both for the world and Turkey. ‘If Turkey can prioritize reforms it can surf the global wave. If not it might be submerged under the wave,’ says Emin Çapa, CNN Türk’s head of economic news

Current lack of public support for presidential system inspires ‘conference call’

A lack of sufficient support for a transition to a presidential system has prompted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to use “conference calls” as a way of increasing this support
Turkish Airlines (THY) announced on Jan. 3 it had canceled a total of 529 flights due to heavy snowfall in Istanbul over the previous three days

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