For the record, Today’s Zaman editor-in-chief Bülent Keneş is in jail because he tweeted against Erdoğan…

Today’s Zaman Editor-in-Chief Bülent Keneş is put on probation for allegedly defaming Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Twitter
Women from HDP told the torture under detention: “They wanted to tear up a 65-year-old woman’s headscarf shouting ‘You aren’t worth wearing it,’ and pulled another’s hair saying ‘Where did you dye your hair?’.
The Republican People’s Party (CHP) has specified its communication guidelines ahead of the Nov. 1 general election, asking members to “avoid all statements that intimidate ethnic or religious minorities.”
Erdogan fumes as Putin sidesteps plan for Syria
“It seems the Russians are in it not to fight Islamic State, but to fundamentally alter the equation in such a way that Assad gets a new lease of life,” Ilter Turan, professor of political science at Istanbul Bilgi University, says. “This introduces a
Twitter faces block in Turkey over Fuat Avni’s tweets about Bilal Erdoğan
Today’s Zaman
Professor Yaman Akdeniz from Bilgi University’s law school and Associate Professor Kemal Altıparmak from Ankara University challenged the decision on Thursday, seeking its annulment. Speaking to Today’s Zaman, Akdeniz said the court has ruled that ..

Turkey has given a lukewarm response to a European Union plan to assist Ankara in coping with over two million Syrian refugees, indicating that funding needs to be drastically increased.

State Department Spokesperson John Kirby has called on Turkey to respect media freedoms and due process

Commission plans to put Turkey on a list of “safe countries”, to which migrants can be quickly returned as they would not risk oppression, have run into opposition from several European nations, sources said on Thursday (8 October).


The consul generals of four EU countries have visited Hürriyet journalist Ahmet Hakan in his Nişantaşı apartment, where he is recovering from injuries after being subjected to a violent attack last week.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in his statement as to Russia said they may get natural gas from different places if needed, and have Akkuyu Nuclear Power Station built by some others.

Angered by air strikes, Turkey’s Erdoğan warns Russia on energy ties

President Erdoğan, angered by Russian incursions into Turkish air space, has warned Russia there are other places Turkey could get natural gas and other countries that could build its first nuclear plant.

The hopes of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party

Is Turkey poised on the brink of the violent conflict of the 90s? Or does the entry of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) into Parliament offer shoots of hope for an alternative path?

It is morning in Istanbul and there is a slight haze over the city. In the square at Kadiköy’s crowded harbour some young people sell handmade jewelry from a table. They have put up a large banner that says ‘Suruç’. It is about two months since ISIS detonated a bomb at a meeting with young activists who gathered in the town of Suruç on 20th July. The youths planned to hand over relief supplies to the people in the Syrian city of Kobane. Thirty-three people were murdered. They were young activists who, before they went to Suruç, had stood on the same square here at the harbour to raise money for the people of Kobane.

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