Video with English subtitles: “From Demirtaş to Davutoğlu”. One of the best speeches in Turkish politics in the Ankara Bombings Aftermath


Demirtaş remains to be an excellent speaker. This video sums it up…


Turkey becomes a Middle East country:694 dead since June 7 elections:

You have burnt our hearths, we will destroy your palace…


Mourners were prevented on Sunday from laying carnations at the site where two suspected suicide bombings killed more than 100 and wounded hundreds during a peace rally in Ankara, Turkey. Police said investigators were still working at the site

Thousands gather in Ankara to pay respects to activists killed in bombings

‘Chief and murderer, Erdogan,’ among chants from crowd angry over attack which killed at least 128 at peace rally

As I began to register the cause of the explosion and the plumes of smoke, I braced for another explosion amid the fleeing crowd

Thousands of people have taken part in demonstrations after more than 100 people were killed in twin explosions in Ankara. Two suspected suicide bombers struck a rally of pro-Kurdish and labour activists near the Turkish capital’s main train station on Saturday


Two ministers should be removed for role in Ankara blast, CHP leader tells Davutoğlu

Republican People’s Party (CHP) head Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has said he told Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu that the interior minister and justice minister must either resign or be removed from office due to their role in the Ankara attack, speaking in a press conference in Ankara late on Oct. 11

Turkey says election will go ahead despite Ankara bombing

Senior official says postponement is not an option and security will be raised further after at least 128 people killed in attack on peace rally

Turkey has vowed to hold a general election in three weeks’ time despite a devastating twin bomb attack that killed at least 128 people in the capital, Ankara, on Saturday.

Thousands in Turkey Rally Against Government After Ankara Bombings

A day after the worst terrorist attack in Turkey’s modern history, thousands of mourners gathered in central Ankara to lay carnations and rail against the government.


Scuffles broke out Sunday in the Turkish capital as police used tear gas to prevent pro-Kurdish politicians and other mourners from laying carnations at the site of two suspected suicide bombings that killed 95 people and wounded hundreds in Turkey’s deadliest attack in years.

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