If you still wanna come: Istanbul’s culture and arts calendar for September 2015…”Al-Istanbul: How Turkey’s largest city became a hub for Arab tourists….

Istanbul offers a wide range of activities to serve Istanbulites with different tastes, from a cooking workshop to one focusing on the problems of single mothers; from a Tarkan concert to a Latin music festival. Here is a calendar for Istanbul’s culture and arts events for September 2015.
More and more Arab tourists visit Istanbul nowadays, but why do they choose this city? What do they think about Turks? What do Turks think about them? And what do Arabs in Turkey think of each other? Our reporters interviewed both sides on the streets of Istanbuland summarized their findings in this point-by-point report.
The protected archive of famous researcher, biographer and historian Taha Toros is now accessible online at ŞEHİR library archives, as his old photos have been digitalized as part of the “Istanbul Memory in Personal Archives” project. Click through to see 12 pictures from old Istanbul.

Streets in İstanbul Named After Children Who Died During Clashes

Street names in Kadıköy district of İstanbul were replaced by the names of children who have died in clashes for a month.
A list that enumerates 22,342 known migrants who died on their journey to Europe from January 1, 1993 to June 14, 2015 will be on display on a public video screen on top of Istanbul’s Marmara Pera Hotel (YAMA* screen) from evenings to mornings until September 27.

Checklist: Istanbul

Istanbul may be famed for being the city where “east meets west” and its staggering religious and imperial structures that conjure up images of the .

At Istanbul Modern, it’s Your Thursday

Thanks to Istanbul Modern’s implementation “Your Thursday,” sponsored by Ülker, 235,000 people have been able to visit the museum free of charge since May 1, 2014

36 Hours in Istanbul: Differences Between European and Asian Side

Ceylan Yeginsu, who reports for The Times in Istanbul, answers some questions about the city where she was born and has lived for the last three

LETTER FROM ISTANBUL: The Pluck o’ the Irish

As you may have seen on the social media, an Irish tourist was involved in a fight with a dozen or so shopkeepers in Istanbul. A video, which was

Tourism players want Yenikapı as new cruise port of Istanbul

A leading tourism representative has said the sector players want to turn Istanbul’sYenikapı into a new cruise port amid renovation works in the city’s

Skyscrapers marring sightline of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia demolished

The visual impact of the bridge was eventually reduced while the higher stories of the cluster of skyscrapers in Istanbul were ordered demolished by

Istanbul’s New Armenian School to be Inaugurated onSeptember 28

ISTANBUL (Anadolu Agency)—Mesut Ozdemir has one month left to achieve his life-long dream: to open a new school for the Armenian community in …

 A hospitable journey through mystical Istanbul

This is the mystical Istanbul I had imagined as, in anticipation of a two-week trip to Turkey, I devoured the coming-of-age memoir of the country’s

A stay in mystical, melancholy Istanbul

Topkapi Palace: Istanbul is a storied city, and nothing brings history to life better than the walled complex from which sultans ruled the Ottoman Empire

Destination Istanbul: Discover the unique city where east meets west

Istanbul is one of very few cities in the world that straddles two continents – Asia on the eastern shores and Europe to the west. Divided not only by the
Drilling works for a roadway tunnel connecting Istanbul’s European and Asian sides, the Eurasia Tunnel, has been completed

Must-See Art Guide: Istanbul

Starting in September, all eyes will be on the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul. Located between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, the city will host

36 Hours in Istanbul, Asian Side

The lines to enter major sites on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey’s cultural capital, can stretch for hours. But just across the Bosporus lies the

Historic castle in Istanbul turns into ‘SpongeBob’ after restoration

The restoration process of a historic castle in Istanbul’s Şile district has faced harsh criticism from Turkish social media users, with many likening the

Istanbul Film Festival Head Steps Down

The head of the Istanbul Film Festival, Azize Tan, is stepping down after nine years at the helm of one of Turkey’s leading movie events, organizers .

Head of Istanbul Film Festival Azize Tan resigns after ten years

Azize Tan, the head of the Istanbul Film Festival for almost a decade, will step … This year’s Istanbul Film Festival was dogged by controversy over the …

10 of the best ways to enjoy Istanbul on a budget

Planning some serious sightseeing? The Istanbul Museum Pass allows free entrance to a dozen of the city’s top sites, including the Topkapı Palace

Mystical, melancholy Istanbul

ISTANBUL — As we land over the Sea of Marmara, a gray drizzle bathes the view of huddled ships waiting their turn to cross the Bosphorus Strait, the

İstanbul’s flash floods result of ecological devastation, expert explains

Bulut, who serves as the secretary of the Istanbul branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO), explained by phone that the large number of

Drilling works completed in Istanbul’s Eurasia undersea tunnel

The two continents have been connected by a 3.34 km-long tunnel under the sea in the framework of the project, which is also dubbed the Istanbul

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