Turks and wearable technologies (!) – A social fabric roundup…


1. Apple Türkiye şubesinden giyilebilir etek


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bianet compiled 13 videos from AP’s archive: the moment when Deniz Gezmiş was captured, 1980 Coup d’état, Erdoğan’s imprisonment, police violence in 1990s and others…
The Kuwait-born Irish tourist who was captured on video taking on a mob of 15 shopkeepers in Istanbul has undergone an operation to repair a skull fracture
Turkey marks the 93rd anniversary of its victory against Greece in the final battle of the War of Independence amid clashes with the outlawed PKK.
A 16-year-old boy has shot dead by police after he failed to stop his car despite a warning in Turkey’s tense southeastern province of Mardin.
Thousands of Syrians wait in Turkey’s coastal city of Izmir to make the hazardous boat trip to Europe.
A non-commissioned female officer, accompanying the mother of a killed soldier during his funeral, took the attention of the media when she said that rich people would not become soldiers nor be martyred, while trying to soothe the mother’s pain.
An unauthorized octocopter drone flying over Anıtkabir during the Victory Day celebrations caused panic while the army considered shooting down the drone

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