Journalism agenda: AKP is killing the remnants of opposition media in Turkey.. #ÖzgürMedyaSusturulamaz

The United States State Department has voiced its concern over the arrest of two British journalists and their translator in Diyarbakır, urging Turkey to revise its actions to match up with democratic values
Sözcü, a Turkish newspaper fiercely critical of the government, has left the slots for opinion columns on its front page empty to protest the government’s “increasing pressure.”
Turkish police have raided companies in Ankara belonging to Koza İpek, a corporation linked to the government’s ally-turned-nemesis Fethullah Gülen. The raid came after a notorious social media whistleblower claimed on Twitter that the government “would silence critical media outlets” before the Nov. 1 election.
A Turkish court has charged two British journalists at Vice News and their assistant with aiding an unidentified terrorist group.
A Turkish court has remanded in custody two British journalists working for US-based media outlet VICE News on ISIL-related terror charges, in a case that has sparked fresh concern about press freedom.

Want to create a more digital newsroom? Find your inner startup

On a gray day in the fall of 2013, a dozen department heads of the Dutch media company NRC huddled together in a room in Amsterdam. (Full disclosure: I was one of them.) Paintings of bygone editors of the esteemed daily NRC Handelsblad decorated the walls. That day, we made the decision to launch a startup within the newsroom in order to help ease the transition to a digital-focused company.

Do Mobile News Alerts Annoy You?

Mobile push notifications are becoming an increasingly important way for news organizations to reach users. But do you really want them? Tell us!

It was back in June that we learned “content blockers” — a.k.a. ad blockers —would be coming to the next OS updates for iPhones and iPads.

It’s that time of year: Journalism students are returning to campus, charting their courses for the next semester, and professors are fine-tuning their syllabi. Turmoil in the news business means that many professors are also reckoning with how to adapt their teaching approaches in an era of data visualization, apps, and distributed content.

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