Eurosphere agenda: “Pope greets migrants in Vatican…”Iran rejoins world economy as sanctions are lifted…

Pope greets migrants in Vatican  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Pope Francis greets several thousand migrants in St Peter’s Square and as the Catholic Church marks a day dedicated to refugees. Iran rejoins world economy as sanctions are lifted AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) Economic isolation ends after UN certifies Iran’s compliance with 2015 accord, … Read more

Journalism agenda: AKP is killing the remnants of opposition media in Turkey.. #ÖzgürMedyaSusturulamaz

US urges Turkey to meet democratic values on the arrest of VICE journalists The United States State Department has voiced its concern over the arrest of two British journalists and their translator in Diyarbakır, urging Turkey to revise its actions to match up with democratic values Turkish daily publishes empty columns on front page to protest gov’t … Read more