13 scandals of restoration from Turkey… A social fabric roundup…

The “SpongeBob” castle in Istanbul has rekindled debate on Turkey’s failure to protect heritage sites. Click through to see 13 sites across Turkey, destroyed due to erroneous restorations

In photos: 25 hilarious reactions to the tourist beating Turkish shopkeepers

‘If this tourist forms a political party, I’m voting for him,’ said a Turkish social media user on Aug. 26, prasing the Irish-Kuwaiti man who beat around 15 shopkeepers in Istanbul
todayszaman.com – Aug 28

The Milliyet newspaper has fired two columnists and five correspondents who had become known for writing reports that were critical of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government. Columnist Mehveş Evin, who was fired by the daily

The leading country in marine and port projects in the world, the Netherlands, will be a model for Turkey’s ports within an environmentally-friendly Green Port implementation
A former vet tech from the U.S. has adopted a golden retriever from Turkey by the efforts of the rescue organization Adopt a Golden Atlanta (AGA), the U.S. media has reported on Aug. 30
The doyen of Turkish archaeology, Professor Halet Çambel, who died on Jan. 12 last year aged 98, was honored by Google with a doodle for her birthday on Aug. 27
The lawyer of a Kuwait-born Irish tourist who was captured on video taking on 15 shopkeepers in Istanbul has said his client plans to sue the assailants

‘SpongeBob’ castle raises eyebrows

Restored castle in Turkey looks to some like the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.
Catastrophic rain that killed eight people in the Black Sea region of Artvin has revealed an illegal dumping site, as floodwater dragged piles of garbage towards the coast.

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