Such a shame: Some Turkish nationalists harass Chinese travelers in Turkey…

China has warned its citizens traveling in Turkey to be careful of anti-Beijing protests, in the wake of several attacks on tourists and restaurants
mistaken for being Chinese in Istanbul.
Foreign ministry says Chinese tourists recently “attacked and disturbed” in Istanbul protests over treatment of Uighurs.
A group nationalists protesting China’s restrictions on religious freedom of ethnic Uighur Muslims attack a group of Korean tourists

Istanbul Chinese restaurant attacked in protest at Uighur suppression

A Chinese restaurant in Istanbul, owned by a Turkish citizen who employed a Uighur cook, was attacked on July 1 by a group protesting China’s suppression of Uighur Turks living in East Turkestan
Chinese tourists to Turkey warned

China gives safety advice to its nationals in Turkey after protests over the treatment of ethnic Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.
The ancient city of Ephesus in western Turkey has been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List following a vote in Bonn on July 5.
Turkey now has 15 sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, after Diyarbakır Fortress and Hevsel Gardens joined the list on July 5 and the ancient site of Ephesus joined on July 6.
Senior Israeli and Turkish diplomats have recently held a secret meeting in the Italian capital city of Rome and renewed conciliation talks between the two estranged states, a leading Israeli daily newspaper reported.
Reports that the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) recalled commanders deployed along part of its border with Syria to the capital Ankara for a meeting on a possible military incursion into Syria “do not reflect reality,” Turkish military sources stated on July 6
Turkey has no immediate plans for any incursion into Syria, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said, while, however, cautioning the country would not wait for “tomorrow” in case of an imminent threat posed against its security
A new window of opportunity has opened after the June 7 general elections, the Ankara-based think-tank International Strategic Research Organization (USAK) said, calling for a deepening of European Union–Turkey relations.
Policy Contributions (Bruegel) Issue 2015/10, July 2015 by Simone Tagliapietra & Georg Zachmann * The European Commission’s February 2015 Energy Union Communication calls for intensified work on the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) and the establishment of a new strategic energy partnership with Turkey. The presence of the European Union and Turkey in the region is […]
A second simultaneous referendum on Cypriot reunification could take place in early 2016 following negotiations between the two entities’ presidents, a Turkish government source said July 2
Azer News (Azerbaijan) July 1st, 2015, p. 3                        中文  عربي  Español  Français By Javier Solana * June’s Turkish general election sent a powerful message: Turkey’s democracy remains intact. Indeed, while there were some grievances about transparency during the campaign process, democracy prevailed, with a stunning […]
Analysis (SETA) June 2015, No. 16 SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research Kilic Bugra Kanat This paper explores the ups and downs of Turkish-American relations since 2003 and seeks to explain why these last two years have brought serious strain on the Ankara-Washington relationship. Turkish-American relations are again under the spotlight as they […]
The Turkish army said on July 7 it had detained almost 800 people trying to cross illegally from Syria, including three suspected members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), after bolstering security in border areas near where the jihadists hold ground

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