Eurosphere agenda: “‘Final deadline’ for Greece debt plan

‘Final deadline’ for Greece debt plan

The eurozone gives Greece until Thursday to present final proposals to secure a deal with creditors, and calls a full EU summit for Sunday.
UN to vote on Srebrenica ‘genocide’

The UN Security Council is set to vote on a controversial UK-drafted resolution which refers to the 1995 Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia as genocide.
European leaders give last chance to leftist Syriza government to thrash out a deal to end crisis and prevent euro exit.
‘Don’t let Europe split’ – Greek PM

The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras calls on Europe to avoid division as his country risks being ejected from the euro.

The eurozone’s poorer former communist nations, having themselves endured painful reforms and austerity programmes, are taking a hard line on Greece after its people voted to reject creditors’ bailout terms.

Cutting the ECB’s lifeline to Greek banks would push the country out of the eurozone and recklessly endanger the reputation of the ECB and the euro itself, argues Matthias Kroll.


Showdown looms for Greece’s Tsipras in euro drama
The wealthy Athens neighbourhood that voted “Yes”

Renowned economists Thomas Piketty, Jeffrey Sachs and three others urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday (7 July) to agree to cut Greece’s debt to “avoid further disaster”.


Markets steady after Greek vote

Japan’s Nikkei index rebounded slightly on Tuesday, a day after stock markets had fallen in the wake of Greece’s decision to reject the terms of an international bailout.
Greek finance minister resigns

Yanis Varoufakis, a “libertarian Marxist” who played the heavy in Greece’s negotiations with its creditors, has stepped down after helping to secure a historic popular mandate rejecting austerity.


Greece found a new finance minister within hours of the dramatic departure of controversial bad-boy professor Yanis Varoufakis, who alienated so many other finance ministers in the Eurozone that they pushed for his firing

The Greek voters gave a clear no to the creditors’ austerity demands in thereferendum on Sunday. Some commentators believe it’s time for a Grexit, and that this is not the worst solution. Others still want a deal and call for a Marshall Plan and a debt conference as alternative solutions in the debt dispute.

Eurozone decision on Greece down to politics
VIDEO: What Spain thinks of Greece’s No vote

Spain’s left-wing anti-austerity party – which did well in recent regional elections – has welcomed the Greek ‘No’ result.

Greece cannot take any more austerity, as it will cause more social unrest and lessen the chance of recovery, a United Nations debt expert said on Monday (6 July).


Resounding OXI win in Greece – Europe reacts

Resounding OXI win in Greece – Europe reacts

No, sweet no

The astounding NO vote that swept every part of Greece will take time to digest and understand and its meaning also depends on how the Europeans respond. But here are some immediate reactions.

Ukraine far-right in war march

A 1,000-strong rally called by Ukraine’s ultra-nationalists is held in the capital, Kiev, demanding a formal declaration of war on rebels in the east.
VIDEO: Who’s who in Greek financial crisis?

As Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis resigns, the country needs a new negotiator to lead fresh talks with the Eurozone.
Greek banks have enough cash to continue operating for ‘a few days’ according to the country’s economy minister.
Finance minister Varoufakis suggests cabinet may quit if it fails to get its way in Sunday’s make-or-break referendum.
Amidst cacophony of shrill voices, and worsening economic predictions, Greeks have to make decision about their future.
Agora: From Democracy to the Market

An inside look at the devastating impact of the Greek financial crisis on ordinary citizens.
Greek debt crisis: Did Tsipras change course?

Did Tsipras give in to European demands?

Greek crisis could see euro membership emerge as key issue in the Polish election campaign

The challenges facing Europe today have global implications and require global solutions. From the Greek crisis to migration and climate change, the EU must seek answers beyond its borders, argues the European Think Tanks Group.

VIDEO: Uncertain life in an Athens market

Mark Lowen asks people in a suburb of Athens how they are coping with the fiscal uncertainty in Greece.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is to meet world leaders today (8 July) including China’s Xi Jingping and India’s Narendra Modi ahead of the start of a summit of the BRICS emerging economies.

France rejects Assange ‘asylum plea’

France’s President Francois Hollande rejects an apparent appeal by the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to grant him asylum.
Dutch police detain 200 after riot

Dutch police detain about 200 people in The Hague after rioting sparked by the death of a Caribbean man in police custody.

Bernd Lucke, a founder of Alternative for Germany (AfD) is considering creating a new party with his association Weckruf 2015, after a dramatic shift right in the party. EurActiv Germany reports.

Hollande has failed to paint a French vision for the Eurozone

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