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An injured HDP  voter…
Two explosions hit Kurdish political rally in Turkey

Blasts kill two and injure more than 100 at Peoples’ Democratic party rally in Diyarbakir, ahead of elections in which Kurdish voters hold balance of power

Two people have been killed in two explosions ahead of the HDP rally in the southeastern Turkish province of Diyarbakır. While Energy Minister Yıldız ruled out claims of an accident at a power distribution unit, HDP co-chair Demirtaş, who was only 30 meters away, called everyone to stay calm.

Turkey’s elections: knowns and unknowns

The imminent election presents Turkey with momentous choices, with the combative figure of its president at the centre of them all.

Turkey’s parliamentary elections, to be held on 7 June, contain a paradox. These are doubtless very important polls that will, in all likelihood, seal the country’s fate for the next decade at least. Yet for all the high stakes involved, and the suspense of this eve-of-poll moment, we sort of know who will win.

HDP Co-chair Demirtaş cries…


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