Journalism agenda: A global ad alliance of The Guardian, CNN, Reuters and more… BuzzFeed’s New Strategy..

Five of the biggest online news publishers in the world are joining up to form asupercontinent. For advertising.

With The Pangaea Alliance, The Guardian, CNN International, Reuters, The Financial Times, and The Economist are creating an advertising network they hope can capture premium rates from brands. Specifically, Pangaea is designed to capitalize on the rise in programmatic buying, allowing advertisers to access 110 million unique readers — “global influencers” — across the collection of sites. – Mar 16, 12:30 PM – BuzzFeed doesn’t have any problem attracting Web traffic — the people who brought you The Dress say they’re getting 200 million visitors a month, even when they don’t have an astonishing viral phenomenon on their hands. But CEO Jonah Peretti…

Most millennials don’t seek out news on social media, but the vast majority of them get news from social networks once they see it there, according to a report released today by the Media Insight Project, a collaboration between theAmerican Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. – Joseph Lichterman – Mar 17 – — BuzzFeed is, of course, known for mixing news with lists and quizzes, so it was inevitable that when British Prime Minister David Cameron sat with BuzzFeed U.K. for an interview on Monday, he’d not only have to address questions ranging

The BBC is not at risk, but there’s panic at the top

Tony Hall’s speech last week was full of invented threats. This was a denial of the imminent need for change: the BBC needs rivals and the UK needs more voices.

Flickr/strollerdos: BBC Television Centre, Panorama

Lis gave an immediate response to the speech here, on the BBC Media Show (4 March). 

On 2 March Tony Hall gave a speech in the radio theatre of Broadcasting House in which he described the BBC as being at a crossroads. It was an odd description. It’s a time of change, certainly – when isn’t? – But is it a crossroads?  What are these diametrically opposed paths which could be taken?


How The Irish Times developed its new (very relaxed) metered paywall

DUBLIN — On February 23, The Irish Times erected a metered paywall on its website, making it the first major daily Irish newspaper to do so.

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