The Pope visits Turkey, Turkish Nationalist leader Bahçeli visits Dersim (Tunceli)

Pope Francis set for Turkey visit

Pope Francis is set to visit Turkey for what is being billed as a historic trip to help interfaith dialogue in the country.
Pope Francis is set to visit Turkey to meet with top officials and religious leaders under strict security measures
Pope Francis to visit Turkey in most challenging mission of papacy so far

Pontiff to try to tackle relations with Islam, Christian persecution in the Muslim world and the Catholic-Orthodox schism
VIDEO: Turkey’s declining Christianity

A century ago Christians made up 20% of Turkey’s population, the figure is now just 1.2%.


Turkish nationalist leader Bahçeli visit hot Kurdish Alevite Tunceli today:

2000 cops in to protect mhp leader on his provocative trip to the city: via

‘How much longer can Turkey live with bans and continue to be thought of as such a country?” daily Hürriyet asks

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