As the Pope about the legitimize Erdoğan’s palace, “Turkey’s former EU Minister Bağış admits receiving gifts from key graft probe suspect

Former EU Minister Bağış has admitted receiving gifts including ‘chocolate, shirts and ties’ from Iranian-Azeri businessman Reza Zarrab and said he helped some of Zarrab’s friends receive visas
Former EU Minister Egemen Bağış testified at a parliamentary commission and denied all allegations regarding corruption probe.
Turkish media mogul Ethem Sancak, known for his close ties to the government, has fired three high profile managers of his various media outlets.
The judge said the boundaries of his decision should have been apparent and he did not ban commentating or criticizing the commission’s work
The foreign ministers of Turkey and the Netherlands have reportedly spoken on the phone about escalating tension over the integration of Muslim immigrants
Pope Francis has arrived in Turkey for a three-day visit that many are billing as an opportunity to increase dialogue between the Muslim and Christian worlds at a time of increased religious tension.
Pope Francis is expected to tread lightly during his three-day visit, sensitive to the delicate diplomatic tensions at play between Turkey and the international coalition fighting ISIL

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