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POLITICO – Steven A. Cook – Without fail every year, starting around November 10, my #Turkey Twitter feed is jammed with not just the latest news from Ankara and Istanbul, but also Auntie Jean’s turkey recipe and suggestions about how to deep fry the bird without blowing up…
“Foreigners” are unable to solve the problems of the Middle East as Western states “don’t even like us” but are more interested in just following the cash, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Nov. 27.
Just as defense trade with Italy prospered in the 2000s when then-PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Silvio Berlusconi enjoyed a close personal friendship, French arms makers may benefit from Erdoğan’s new-found alliance with President François Hollande
Review of Regional Affairs (ORSAM) No.17, November 2014                               Türkçe Oytun Orhan * It is accepted by everyone that the success of the strategy against ISIS depends on an integrated approach that includes both Iraq and Syria. However, it can be seen that the US strategy
GTE Commentary (Istituto Affari Internazionali) No. 19, November 2014, 5 p. by Kıvanç Ulusoy * This paper analyses the deficiencies in Turkey’s fight against corruption, dramatically revealed by the major corruption scandal which erupted in December 2013. It argues that despite initial improvements in the aftermath of the 2001 financial crisis, Turkey’s anti-corruption policies witnessed
ISIL has received between $35 million and $45 million in ransom payments in the past year, according to a UN expert monitoring sanctions against al-Qaida
The Kurds’ lonely fight against the Islamic State

How goes the war against the Islamic State? A useful barometer is the position of Iraqi Kurdistan, which is the most reliable U.S. ally in the battle — and holds the longest front against the terrorists. Four months ago, two senior Kurdish officials traveled to Washingtonto deliver some dire warnings: The Islamic State was still expanding, no military force in the region could stop it and Kurdistan itself was no longer willing to be part of a shattered Iraq


While I was looking for a place for myself at the breakfast hall to listen to retired General John Allen, I came across my acquaintance, the Afghan media magnate who said, “I was with General Allen last night at dinner.
Assad’s secular sectarianism

A historic overview of the manipulation of sect and religion by a Syrian elite only concerned with survival.

The manipulation of sectarianism was one of the methods used by the Syrian regime to preserve its control over the decades. The interdiction against sectarian discourses, under the guise of nationalism and secularism, was but a cover for the authoritarian and sectarian practices of its security establishment.

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