New Gezi Park crisis simmering While Turkish intel, security to get exclusive authority on personal data…

Istanbul Municipality has again included a controversial construction project on the site of Gezi Park
CHP Secretary General Gürsel Tekin has criticized the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s decision to possibly hold a referendum for construction plans in Gezi Park
Turkey’s intelligence agency, the police and the gendarmerie are to get exclusive authority on the personal data of citizens – Rachel Donadio – Nov 18 – ISTANBUL — At a glittering dinner on an island in the Bosporus here last week, Ali Gureli, the chairman of Contemporary Istanbul, the city’s annual art fair, told hundreds of international collectors, gallery owners and artists that Istanbul

The visit by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was a vivid example of a scramble in Middle East politics as former rivals are seeking to come together to defeat ISIS.
A.Ö., a 14 year-old Syrian boy, has been shot by Turkish soldiers as he crossed the border along with his family to find refuge. His father told bianet that A.Ö. was shot in the head and lost vision in both his eyes.
Why Turkey is looking increasingly alone in the world

Turkey’s parliamentary commission on intelligence ‘as important as Armstrong’s step on moon’

A parliamentary commission overseeing all intelligence activities in Turkey has been established, with the head of the commission describing the move as “similar to Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon.”
A group led by former Interior Minister İdris Naim Şahin has taken the first step toward founding a new political party called the “Nation and Justice Party.”

More Than a Battle, Kobani Is a Publicity War

The fractious Kurdish diaspora has pulled together against ISIS in the hope of creating a homeland in the area that is technically part of Syria.
Some 16 ISIL militants are currently imprisoned in Turkey, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ says
Turkey’s leading business group has noted its worry over the divergence in perception between Turkey and the EU, adding that there was ‘no alternative’ to joining the bloc to guarantee a secular and pluralist democracy

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