Anthro roundup: “a timeline of the history of anthropology!”

Behold, a timeline of the history of anthropology!  Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology I am extremely happy to announce today that I’m making open access my timeline of the history of anthropological theory. This timeline has over 1,000 entries, beginning with the birth of Lewis Henry Morgan on 21 Nov 1818 and the latest … Read more

New Gezi Park crisis simmering While Turkish intel, security to get exclusive authority on personal data…

Artillery Barracks project in Gezi Park back on municipal agenda Istanbul Municipality has again included a controversial construction project on the site of Gezi Park Turkey to go ahead with Istanbul park plan Turkish authorities have said they intend to go ahead with the redevelopment ofIstanbul’s Gezi Park, the same project that spurred deadly nationwide … … Read more